Top virtual car mechanic games/applications

These are the Top virtual car mechanic games/applications so far in the market with the Positive reviewer’s views.

Some of them are typically made to teach the gamers about engine dynamics, physics and most important how to repair, but only limited to just understand the basics so be clear in your mind before playing below these simulators.

Another fantastic simulator car mechanic game, Simulator offer car owning, building and assembling engine, repair, maintenance with life survival also in it. In this simulator you not only work on a car but to survive similar like (The Sims) in which you have to sleep, eat and so on.

This game doesn’t help you in the game while repairing or fitting engine parts like car mechanic simulator 2018 do, much harder than most of the car mechanics simulators games, if someone want to do just only fun then this game is not suitable for him. Full dedication, time and repeated work would have to be normal task to do in this game.

Find out further about this simulator go to this link… My Summer Car.

Common Problems:

  • Hard to understand
  • Consume too much time and sometimes very frustrating
  • Bugs troubleshooting option only fix limited to the numbers which are very annoying

Available at a price of 18 dollars online.

Available Platform:

  • Android, iPhone, Mac
  • Pc, PlayStation, Xbox

The most selling simulator game so far, compatible with VR oculus rift and HTC viva on pc, own VR for PlayStation, and Samsung gear VR compatible with mobile devices. Car mechanics offer many mods and cars to experience the best from it as a mechanic, however some cars available as a free but to enjoy and master the mechanics on to the latest and top branded cars then it cost around 18 dollars approx. if purchase from online.

Car simulator available in many versions, it includes free, silver, plus silver version in the market.

Car simulators not only offer limited to car mechanics such as engine oil, spark plugs change, but it provides the depth to the player about the mechanics such as Customize your garage with many options of walls, floors, lifter colors, Engine repair, test to drive, race on track, sale or buy from the auction for car collection, this simulator offer more than 40+ car, more than 10+ tools and more than 1000+ engine parts to work on it.

Most compatible VR … Oculus Rift (400 dollars) and HTC viva (600 dollars) for Pc.

Common Problems:

  • You cannot swap engine
  • No disable auto zoom
  • Screen went black while simulating is a common bug
  • Can’t buy or fix oil filter cap/ stick/plug
  • Frequent installation errors
  • Not all tools and engine parts work.

Available platforms:

  • Android, iPhone, Mac
  • Pc, PlayStation, Xbox

Newly update:

  • Parts mounting and stop searching problem fixed
  • Engine Crain problem fixed
  • Car Parts Moved Into New Workshop Car Body Shop
  • Better Gear Changing With High Power Cars (1000hp +)
  • Slowdown When Mounting License Plates Fixed
  • UI Improvements In Part/Group Select
  • Proper Naming Of Additional Tuning Parts
  • Uploader Will Not Upload Sample Into Workshop
  • Braking Instead Of Hand Braking in drive pause menu

To know more about car mechanic simulator 2018 click this link.

Different than above two of them but really fun to play this game, especially on VR Mode, you can have Experience legendary American trucks and deliver various car goes across sunny California, sandy Nevada, and the Grand Canyon State of Arizona. American Truck Simulator takes you on a journey to the breathtaking landscapes and widely recognized landmarks around the State.

Simulators have the mod to change your cabin design, tuning, tire change, custom paint design by your own choice and many others.

Common Problems:

  • Frequent crash while loading
  • Not all features of this game works fine
  • Unrealistic approach used in this game

Available at 10 dollars for full version.

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Available platforms:

  • Android, iPhone, Mac
  • Pc, PlayStation, Xbox

To know more about this game click this link.

Wrench 2018:

Still not in the market but expected to come in the mid of 2018, this one is basically more powerful, realistic towards engine repair and maintenance, offers so many tools and parts including how to fix each and every part in detail, basically this simulator are based on car mechanics simulators, but in a different way, wrench to provide each and every part of the engine in detail with how to fix it. VR Mode is expected to be available to giving a closer and realist approach for repairing or fixing engine issues.

Expected Available platforms:

  • Android
  • Pc, PlayStation

Important Caution:

These simulators can help you to understand about how to repair and fix issues on the engine in the game but that doesn’t exactly true in reality.

Issue includes (repair, maintenance and many others) fixed by the game doesn’t work the same in reality. So don’t think of going to do a real mechanic experiment unless you are sure more than 100 percent.

Top virtual car mechanic games/applications only for fun and little to get knowledge as a real life experience.

Other special Note:

Hyundai Augmented Reality:

Hyundai offering an app  for the users to find out everything in the car, in this app it gives the users a maximum understanding of the car such as engine oil level, how to turn on navigation, what function in the infotainment system available and so on.

A users simply have to turn on camera by using app, and place the position of the camera to any area of the car he wants to know, this app will tell you what feature is about, how to turn on, and so on.

Before this, companies provided manual books to each and every function of the car, it takes times to read and sometimes very confusing for the users.

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