Nissan Titan Dashboard Symbols and Meaning Explained

The majority of the symbols and their meanings are usually the same, but the design of the symbol on the dashboard and new technology introduced, as well as the symbol assigned to it, will be new to us, so to keep up to date, here are the most recent Nissan titan dashboard symbols and meanings in detail.

So Here are Nissan Titan Dashboard Symbols and Meaning Explained:

Nissan Titan Dashboard Symbols and Meaning Explained

Anti-lock Brakes:

This light, which appears as the letters ABS, warns that your anti-lock braking system is malfunctioning.

Checking the Automatic Transmission:

This light, which appears as the words AT CHECK, warns that your truck’s automatic gearbox isn’t operating properly. Check this one out straight now.

Brake Light:

Represented by an exclamation inside a circle, might signify one of two things: either you forgot to put your parking brake on or your brake fluid is low. If it’s the latter, have your truck serviced as soon as possible.

Charge Warning:

This light resembles a battery and warns that your electrical system is malfunctioning. Inspect the generator belt and get your truck serviced if it is broken, loose, or missing entirely.

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Low Engine Oil Pressure:

Low oil pressure is indicated by this easy-to-remember light that resembles an oil can.

High Coolant Temperature:

This light, which looks like a submerged thermometer, indicates that your engine is overheating. If you see this, pull over to the side of the road as quickly as possible to allow the engine to cool.

Low Tire Pressure:

Not only will you see a light that looks like an exclamation point inside two curved lines like a deflated tire, but the words CHECK TIRE PRESSURE will appear in the information display. Time to refill your tires.

Malfunction Light:

This light looks like an engine and marks an issue with either the emissions control system or an engine misfire. It may also appear if your fuel cap is loose, but if that’s not the case, get your truck serviced immediately.

Nissan Titan Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Warning Light:

This Dashboard symbol of Nissan Titan illuminates your Audi instrumental Cluster to alert you that the tire pressure is not adequately maintained as it may be lacking in yours. So, do check it at the Nissan service center.

Nissan Titan Electronic Stability Control Active Warning Light:

This warning light on your Nissan Titan’s dashboard flashes to indicate that the ESC system in your Titan is now triggering/on. These sensors will now improve the performance of your Titan tire by providing stability.

Hill descent control system on Nissan dashboard lights:

If your Nissan Titan is equipped with the Hill Descent Control System, this indicator light tells you when it’s activated.

Automatic transmission check:

This dashboard light consists of the words AT CHECK. The Automatic Transmission Check warning light will illuminate when there’s an issue with the transmission, such as low fluid. Be sure to take a look at your fluid levels or schedule a service appointment.

Tow mode on indicator light:

When you’re in Tow Mode, the word TOW will be lit up.

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