Lexus Announces World Sales Results for 2020

For January to December 2020, global sales amounted to 718,715 units (a 6 percent decrease from the previous year). Due to the spread of COVID-19, January-June sales amounted to approximately 304,000 (a 16 percent decrease from the previous year), while July-December sales amounted to approximately 415,000 (a 2 percent rise from the previous year), hitting the same level as in the second half of the previous year.

In addition to robust sales of such models as the ES and RX, the new IS and LS, which began sales in autumn 2020, have been well-received. By region, cumulative annual sales in China marked an all-time high, pulling global sales forward.

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  • January-December 2020 sales results by main regions are as follows
  • North America Approx. 297,000 units (a decrease of 9%)
  • China (including Hong Kong) Approx. 225,000 units (an increase of 11%)
  • Europe Approx. 71,000 units (a decrease of 19%)
  • Japan Approx. 49,000 units (a decrease of 21%)
  • Middle East Approx. 27,000 units (a decrease of 18%)
  • East Asia Approx. 32,000 units (a decrease of 8%)
Lexus Announces World Sales Results for 2020

Lexus International President / Chief Branding Officer Koji Sato

“I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to each and every one of our customers around the world as well as to all of our team members involved in sales, production, and development. And to all those who are doing their best to fulfill their responsibilities while confronting various difficulties, please know that you have my deepest respect.

Lexus will take a new step forward this year in order to make our clients’ diversified lives more satisfying. We will unveil our new brand roadmap this spring, along with a new concept that reflects our future intentions and signals the beginning of the next Lexus generation.

Furthermore, we will launch the first model under our new vision within this year, and we will continue to introduce new models next year and beyond. From here on as well, by being considerate of our customers around the world and engaging in car-making that exceeds their expectations, we will continue to take up the challenge of delivering happiness to all people who come into contact with Lexus. I look forward to sharing more with you soon.”

Statistics from Global Toyota Newsroom

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