Japanese Car Auction Grade System and Verification System

In Pakistan Japanese imported car trend has risen by 25 percent in the last 7 years, this has shown that the Pakistani people love compact, advanced, stylish luxury cars.

How to check the Japanese car auction grade system and verification system?

In Pakistan, Japanese car prices are based on car grade, variants, model, and imported year.

All these above matters must have to be checked before buying any car, but unfortunately in Pakistan, people don’t know about the process of how to check the car grade and other matters,  therefore here are some details for buyers of the imported car to understand what documents and other matters need to be investigated before buying a car.

1.   How to check Japanese car auction grade:

In particular, the Japanese imported cars have grades that start from 6+ to the lower of RA or R.

 You can see in this image clearly about the level of grades.

2.   Does car grade impact price?

Yes, the grade of the car tells about how good the condition of the car is, High grade means the car has more price than a lower grade.

In Pakistan, so many car dealers bluff the innocent people of Pakistan about the imported cars by selling them at high-grade prices but in reality, the car grade is lower than the stated level.

3.   Does the car variant impact on price?

Yes, variant does matter on car price; a lower variant means fewer features with a low price, and more features mean a high price.

4.   Can the buyer estimate the price of the imported car before buying it?

In Pakistan there are so many Japanese cars in the market with so many variants, grades, models, and different brands, therefore difficult to suggest the exact price of the car.

Here is a list for a buyer to consider before estimating a car price.

  • Car variant
  • Car grade
  • Model of the car and the import year
  • Mileage covered at the time of buy
  • Inspect the car from an expert about the car’s current condition
  • Buyers can find it out about the real purchase price of the car from japanauction.com; hopefully, it will give some idea about the estimated price in Pakistan.

5.   Can Auction sheet is important and whether verification of the auction sheet is compulsory?

Yes, the auction sheet is a document that must have been with the Japanese imported car; it provides the full detail of the car’s current position, chassis number, and color of the car.

In Pakistan car dealers make fake auction sheets to satisfy buyers so must verify the auction sheet from the below-listed sites.

Here are some details which help you to understand the auction sheet.

In this image, the codes are limited to identifying the correct position of the car, here is a complete list of codes in which any buyer can find the current complete position of the car.

6.   Verification of complete file documents.

Get verification from experts of these listed below documents.

Here is a list

  1. Purchase invoice (Japanese selling invoice)
  2. Port clearance document
  3. Custom paid tax document
  4. Original copy of the book with the current owner.
  5. Auction sheet verification & inspection
  6. Complete File verification

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    1. once you verified the documents as i mentioned in the article from where and how, it includes all detail.. Grade, Chassis number, and etc.. a person must have to go by self to the car to match the chassis number with verified documents you received.. However if want to import directly from japan by you then you should consult with the experts who imports frequently, otherwise i don,t recommend.

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