Ford Escape Dashboard Symbol Meaning

We’ll give you some insight into the Ford Escape dashboard symbols. You’ll learn the difference between the indicator lights and the warning lights. We’ll show you what these lights mean, and what you should do when they appear while you’re out on the road.

Ford Escape Dashboard Symbol Meaning & Warning Lights

When you encounter a Ford Escape dashboard light, the first thing you’ll want to know is whether it’s an emergency that requires immediate attention, or if it’s just a warning that something’s amiss. Some lights, in fact, are even just indicators that let you know things are working the way they should. Let’s look at a few of the most common you might see.

Positive Indicator Lights

Positive indicator lights let you know that things are working properly and that systems are engaged. For example, a car that has dual S-curves behind the wheels lets you know your Stability Control system is engaged. If you see a car between two dotted lane lines, that’s letting you know your Lane Keeping System is engaged. Finally, the letter A inside an open circle lets you know your Auto Start-Stop engine feature is working properly.

Ford Escape Dashboard Symbols and Meaning 

  • Cruise Control. When you engage your cruise control system, this light will appear on your dashboard to remind you that you’ve activated the system.
  • High Beam. This symbol will appear on your dashboard when you turn your high beams on, and it will remain lit until you turn your high beams off.
  • Stability Control. If your vehicle experiences a loss of traction, your stability control system will activate until the vehicle regains stability and traction.
  • Direction Indicator. When you activate your turn signal, this light will flash until the turn is completed

Ford Escape Warning Lights

The most common yellow warning light is a picture of an engine. This is the infamous Check Engine light. It means that there’s a malfunction somewhere in your system. While the car remains drivable, whatever the problem needs to be diagnosed and fixed quickly, or it can turn into something worse. Sometimes this just indicates a loose fuel cap, so tighten that up first and see if it goes off after driving a bit.

Warning Lights

Danger Lights

Lights that are red usually indicate imminent danger, to the point where you should stop driving immediately. The most common of these include a picture of a battery, which indicates an issue with your charging system (your car could stall out and not start again).

Danger Lights

So Here is a Few Ford Escape Dashboard Warning Lights that every driver should be aware of:

  • Battery Warning Light: This light means that there is a malfunction with your battery. You should turn off all unnecessary electrical equipment and contact your Ford dealer immediately.

▷ Alternator.
▷ Ageing battery.
▷ Connections / wiring.
▷ Drive belts.

Explanation: If you see the Red light.

If you can, check any of the items above. If the battery warning light comes on while you’re driving, turn off all optional, electricity-consuming vehicle features right away. The engine will shut down when the battery runs out of power. Go right away to a garage nearby to have your car fixed.

  • Engine Oil Warning light: If you’re out on the road, and this light pops on, you should stop the vehicle, turn the engine off, and check the oil level. If low, refill to the appropriate level. If the oil level isn’t low, and the light still appears, don’t continue to drive. Contact your Ford dealer right away.

Explanation: If you see this light.

1. Turn off the engine after safely pulling off the road and stopping, ideally on a level surface.
2. Allow the engine oil to drip into the pan for a few minutes.
3. Check the engine oil level by opening the hood and using the dipstick.
4. If the oil level is enough (between the MIN. and MAX. dipstick markers), do not restart the engine or continue on your journey. This denotes low oil pressure; if you keep driving, the engine will be seriously damaged.
5. Restart the engine and watch to see whether the oil warning light comes on if the oil level is low and you have added oil.
6. If the oil warning light turns on, stop immediately and resume your travel. If it stays lit,

  • Brake Warning Light: The Ford Escape’s red brake warning light stays on due to:

▷ The parking brake is not being fully released.
▷ Low brake fluid.
▷ A brake system fault.

Explanation: if you see this light on your dashboard: 

Verify the parking brake is fully disengaged before continuing. Check the brake fluid level if it is by opening the hood. Although the quantity of brake fluid may gradually decrease as brake pads deteriorate, a rapid loss of fluid may be an indication of a leak. If the level of brake fluid is acceptable, there might be a problem with the brake system. In this situation, the ABS warning light can also come on. There can be an alert saying something like, “Service brake system,” or “Brake service needed.”

  • Anti-Lock Braking System Warning Light: If this light appears, it means that your vehicle detected a malfunction with your ABS.

Explanation: If the light appears:

The anti-lock braking system (ABS) was created as a safety feature to keep the wheels from locking up when applying the brakes suddenly. Because the wheels are not locked, the driver can keep guiding the car. If the Ford Escape’s ABS warning light illuminates, the ABS system is the sole component that has failed; the brakes of the car are unaffected. However, it may be a much more dangerous problem if the BRAKE warning light also illuminates (refer to BRAKE warning light above). Due to the wiring or wheel speed sensors’ location near the wheels and exposure to abrasion from the environment, ABS problems frequently involve these parts. Therefore you should inspect the ABS from the expert mechanic or ford service centers to find the source of the problem.

  • Check Engine Warning Light: When the ignition is turned on, the Ford Escape’s check engine light comes on, then it goes out. The emissions system is malfunctioning if the check engine light remains illuminated. The warning light, often known as the “service engine soon” or “malfunction indicator light (MIL),” may turn on or flash.

Explanation: If the light appears:

▷ Illuminates: The on-board diagnostics system has determined that there’s a fault in the emissions system.
▷ Flashes: An engine misfire is usually more significant when the check engine warning light is flashing. Extremely high temperatures may occur from this, which may harm the catalytic converter or other engine parts. Reduce your speed right away, and keep your engine at a low load. Have the engine tested and serviced shortly at a Ford facility. The location of defects, whether the check engine light is on or flashing, requires diagnostic equipment because they can be connected to a variety of problems. The car computer’s trouble codes are read by diagnostic instruments.

Certain models of Ford Escape
On certain models of Ford Escape, the check engine warning light illuminates due to a temporary fault including:
• Poor fuel quality.
• Water in the fuel.
• Loose gas cap.
• Fuel level extremely low or running out of fuel.
• The vehicle’s electrical system is wet due to for example, driving through deep water.
• Engine overheating.

  • Powertrain Warning Light: The Ford Escape wrench warning light is a sign that the throttle control body needs to be replaced or that there is a problem with the powertrain. Diagnostic tools are needed to read fault codes because there are so many possible causes of faults. When the wrench light illuminates, the engine can switch to a reduced power mode. Restarting the engine occasionally resolves the issue, however, this is typically only temporary
  • OD warning light: A transmission issue is indicated by the flashing OD warning light. There are many different faults, ranging from oil or sensor problems to a complete transmission failure that needs replacement. To find the mistake, diagnostic tools are needed to interpret fault codes.
  • Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Light: When this light appears, you should immediately pull over to safety and turn off the engine to let it cool. If this light continues to appear, contact your Ford service center as soon as possible.

A separate topic on how to check coolant and what type of coolant to use.

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List of All Ford Escape dashboard symbol meaning

 Ford Escape Dashboard Symbol Meaning

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