Compare Volkswagen Polo vs Hyundai i20 2017-18

Compare Volkswagen Polo vs Hyundai i20 isn’t easy because of two different and excellent cars with different technologies in it, let see the justice has been done by comparing as up to the standards.

Volkswagen Polo

The Polo is considered a supermini car which is designed, developed and produced by German company Volkswagen. It is available in Sedan and hatchback variants.


The Volkswagen Polo shares styling traits with Golf VI. The latest model is a little bit longer and wider than its predecessor. It is also just a little bit lower to the road.

Boot capacity of the car has been increased to 280 liters of storage space which can be further expanded by folding the seats.

The Polo is fitted with thorax airbags for maximum safety provision.


The Polo is available in a variety of petrol and diesel engines ranging from 1.2 L Straight – 3 12 valve petrol 51 kW and 55 kW to turbocharged 16 valve 70kW diesel engines.

Hyundai i20

The Hyundai i20 is a supermini car designed, developed and produced by South Korea’s Hyundai. It is a front wheel drive car which is available in 3 and 5 door versions.


The i20 features a generous passenger cabin owing to the 99 inch wheelbase. There are struts at the front with a pinion steering.

A slightly upgraded version of the i20 available in India offers a front grille, tweaked tail lights and headlights.


The i20 offers different engine options three of them are petrol while the rest are diesel.

The diesel engines as well as 1.2 and 1.4 petrol engines have 5 speed transmission.

The i20 is powers by a 1.2 L Kappa engine giving 5200 rpm and 114Nm of torque. There are also many variants of this engine available with different models.

Compare Volkswagen Polo vs Hyundai i20 is at follows

Design and Exterior

The Polo is a very attractive vehicle which inspires with its very highly defined proportions and lines.

Its sleek and under stated style is not matched with any if its peers.

On the other hand, the i20 offers a fresh look and is deemed an instant eye grabber owing to its rather distinctive style and rather large proportions.

The new i20 is much wider than Volkswagen Polo. Moreover, the space inside the car is expanded by the longer wheelbase and wise track.

Here, it should be noted that looks are subjective and preferences vary from person to person.

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Interior and features

The Hyundai i20 provides the best cabin space. The interiors of the vehicle are designed with the exclusive Fluidic Design 2.0 philosophy and results in an attractive beige and black tone. The interiors of the Polo are as good as Elite’s I’d not better. Both cars use high quality plastic.

Engine and transmission

The engines of both the cars are of the same capacity (1197 cc), however, the Polo’s engine features three cylinders whereas the i20’s engine has four allowing it to generate more power.

The motor of the Polo offers more torque than i20.

Safety and mileage

Both cars are equipped with the mist advanced safety features. There is Park assist feature too which allows the driver to park the car with great ease. The i20 offers a rear camera with its Park assist feature. There is no rear camera with Polo.

Polo’s petrol version offers 16.5 km/liter. The diesel variant offers 20 km/liter. The mileage offered by i20 is better; the petrol version offers 19 km/ liter and the diesel variant offers 23 km/ liter.

Compare Volkswagen Polo vs Hyundai i20 final reviews

Hyundai improves the i20 with each new variant. The Polo is also a great car but it is rather aged and in need of a facelift.




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