2021 Mercedes-Benz Elevates S-Class Standards and Pricing

In the first half of 2021, the all-new Mercedes-Benz S-Class 2021, the flagship of the series, will arrive at US dealerships. The S-Class embodies not only the brand’s flagship, but a 12.9 percent improvement from the 2020 S 450 4Matic Sedan, to the 2021 S 500 4Matic Sedan’s starting price of $109,800, boosting greater comfort, safety, and overall experience for drivers and passengers.

The new S-Class Sedan will be offered in three trim levels for the US market in order to streamline production: the Luxury Line, the AMG Line, and the Executive Line, the latter available exclusively on the S 580 Sedan. Each level displays the normal typical technologies and characteristics and a variety of customization options and appointments to drive the gross profit of the dealer even higher.

What do you get in an S-Class Sedan base model? A 12.8-inch OLED multimedia touchscreen monitor and the capacity for up to five screens are tech highlights, so that no one has to go without them. With 50 per cent more computing power than the previous system, the second-gen learning-capable Mercedes-Benz User Interface (MBUX) infotainment system is standard. At the touch of a finger, through speech, or by facial recognition, individual profiles can be enabled.

Active ambient lighting with LEDs to benefit the driver assistance systems or to distinguish speakers while communicating with MBUX requires new interior technology. The latest S-Class includes improved active and passive driver assistance systems that incorporate a 360-degree camera with a 3D view assist function to help you park or navigate in tight spaces.

Driver assistance systems can mean that the S-Class is smarter than the operator, with autonomous speed and distance maintenance, the ability to stay in its lane, and vehicle speed reduction depending on traffic situations. In more cases than ever, crash sensor systems that recognize a possible impact ahead ensure that the S-Class ranks right up there in protection and complexity.

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The exterior of the S 500, described as sensuous and traditional, is not so different from the model it replaces that your neighbors will need to trade in their old S 450s immediately, lest they be seen in something outdated. Say what they’re going to do with their extended hood, flowing C-pillar, dynamic rear doors, and streamlined door handles, it’s a new Benz and nothing else is going to be incorrect.

In the S-Class, generous space means it’s not akin to squeezing into seating in the economy class. Quick heating, ventilation, multi-contour front seats with massage and comfort headrests, powered sunshades, wireless mobile connectivity and wireless charging, toll gate transponder, soft closing doors, and a cabin fragrance system are all part of the package for interior appointments. What gets odd is when you can pick from 10 massage programs of two strength ranges and a length of 8-18 minutes. That’s plenty of time to doze off or lose your attention, and you need the driver’s assistance for every bit of the car.

The six-cylinder in-line engine of the S 500 4MATIC has 429 horsepower and 384 lb.-ft of torque output. For short bursts of acceleration and power transmission, an EQ Boost integrated starter-generator adds 21 HP and 184 lb.-ft of torque.

It can represent a landmark for Mercedes-Benz to introduce this new S-Class, but it remains to be seen if it varies significantly from the previous version.

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