Toyota Corolla Dashboard Symbols

If you have been driving around in your dashboard with a light on but are not quite sure what it means, there are several different reasons why light in the dashboard of your car could have been switched on from the ABS Indicator Light to the Tire Pressure Monitoring Light.

Here are All Toyota Corolla Dashboard Symbols up to 2021-22

Red light symbols need immediate attention otherwise you could damage your car engine, and without Red light symbols mean indicator, which means that the function is working properly.

Toyota Corolla Dashboard Symbols

Below images are newly added or symbols been upgraded from Old Ones oF Toyota Corolla Dashboard Symbols

Toyota Corolla Dashboard Symbols

Toyota Corolla Dashboard SymbolsABS warning light

ABS stands for Antilock Braking System. The ABS system helps to keep the car from skidding out of control during braking in slippery or extreme braking conditions by limiting your wheels from locking up.

If the light come on during normal driving, the system is likely malfunctioning and the vehicle should be brought to your dealer or authorized service center as soon as possible. Some manufacturers combine the TEXT BRAKE indicator when a problem arises.

The vehicle can be driven, but at your own risk. The brakes will function as normal, without the benefit of the anti-lock system. This means that in slippery conditions, the driver must control any tendency for the wheels to lock during braking.

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Toyota Corolla Dashboard SymbolsCharging system warning light

The Charging System Warning Light indicates that there is a malfunction in the vehicle’s charging system.

The vehicle should be brought to a complete stop as quickly as possible or the vehicle may simply stop running.

In most cases, there are two possible scenarios: a bad battery, which will not allow itself to be charged, or a failing alternator, which is no longer sending enough charge to the battery. In either case, your vehicle will soon stop running. In some cases, a failing alternator will cause a weak battery to fail as well, and both will need to be replaced.

Note that if the word Main is seen beneath the battery image, the light is actually a Hybrid Battery Trouble Indicator.

Toyota Corolla Dashboard SymbolsLow engine oil pressure warning light

Oil Pressure warning lights or symbol indicates the oil level is low or low oil pressure. In either case, if the oil level is good, the engine needs servicing as soon as possible as an oil pump failure is likely or will lead to serious engine damage.

Toyota Corolla Dashboard SymbolsElectric Power Steering warning light (warning buzzer)

This is the Power Steering or Electronic Power Steering warning light or symbol. a common sight with newer warning lights, alongside the image of a steering wheel. Depending on the manufacturer, it may appear in red or yellow/amber.

If it is an electronic system, there is a chance it can be “reset”. Pull over as soon as possible and shut down the engine and restart it. If the warning light does not go out you will need to take the vehicle to your dealer or authorized repair facility.

Check Engine Warning Light

These are all versions of the dreaded Check Engine symbols, some of the oldest and easily the most common and recognizable of the symbols that you may see. The word “Check” may appear inside the image, or below, or not at all.

The possible reasons for it coming on number in the hundreds and only your dealer or authorized service center can properly address them. However, remember that a loose or missing gas cap will cause the light to come on. This is the only solution available to the average driver, so do check that the gas cap is installed and properly tightened (make sure it clicks at least once).

Master Warning Light

If this light is on, there will likely be text displayed as well on the instrument panel, or another warning light. It could very well point out something as serious as low oil pressure. However, despite the serious look to the symbol, it is generally associated with simple reminders such as a door ajar or that it is time to change the oil.

Smart Key System Warning Light

The flashing red Electronic Key symbol on the left indicates that the key is not detected. If the Key is in the vehicle, its internal battery is likely dead and needs to be replaced. The same Electronic Key symbol shown in green indicates that the key is found and the vehicle can be started. The last one in yellow/amber is yet another style indicating a problem. But, there’s more…

Tire pressure Warning Light

It indicates Flat Tire Monitor (FTM), which seems redundant. The tell-tale comes on when the inflation on one of the tires is reduced about 25% or more. In most cases, that will be about eight pounds. This is easily the most misunderstood symbol you will ever see on your instrument panel.

SRS Air Bag Warning Light

SRS Warning lights indicate that a problem exists with one of the many airbags in the vehicle, which should be taken to the dealer or authorized service center as soon as possible. The picture symbol has been described as a beach ball on a lap.

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