How To Restore A Car Battery With Epsom Salt

There are three types of batteries using these days Dry, Lead Acid and Lithium ion batteries, the least expensive are the Dry and Lead Acid batteries which are commonly using in the vehicles and the only repairable and restorable one is the Lead acid battery unless the battery plates doesn’t gets swelled.

How to reconditioned a car battery at home can be done by using 2 chemicals and distill water, Steps with detail are here as Follows.

Steps of how to restore a car battery with Epsom salt?

Three things required for the Epsom salt battery Recipe.

  • Distill water
  • Baking Soda
  • Epsom Salt

Distill water with Baking soda

Firstly you have to flush out all old chemical from the battery, A medium size 16 cell plates battery requires less than a liter of water so only use one liter of distilled water pour two tablespoons of baking soda and mix it with water until fully dissolved then put all mix water solution to the battery by using recommended keeve to avoid any harm while filling the mixed solution into the battery.

Wait for 5 to 10 minutes before flushing out this, it helps to clean your battery to the maximum, level and unblocked all cell plates this could be the reason for the battery for unable to charge it properly.

Step-2  Distill water with Epsom Salt

Next step to fill it back with magnesium sulfate with distilled water, and you wonder how and where do I get it, but you don’t need to worry about that, it can be available to almost every retail shopping store with the name of Epsom salt.

How much Epsom salt do you use in a battery?

Mix it with a 1 Liter distill water and two tablespoon or 2 and half tablespoon of Epsom salt and wait until fully dissolved fill it back into the battery and recharge for about 8 hours might be insufficient for some larger plates batteries.

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How long the battery survive after this method?

It depends on your current battery condition but the average for the battery to work approximately another 2 or 3 months maximum or may be less than this.


  • Lead acid batteries have many design and shapes some batteries has caps that come off the top to maintain the acid levels easily but low maintenance batteries require a bit more work to recondition.  A low maintenance battery has its top sealed shut to prevent evaporation but it also prevents easy reconditioning.  These batteries can still be reconditioned but you will have to look for the “shadow” marks on the top plastic that shows the holes into the cells.  Simply drill holes in the plastic to get access to the cells then pour in your solution.
  • You can repeat this method on to the same battery 2 to 4 times before the battery is completely resurrected.
  • Always wear goggles and glasses before experimenting this method with your car battery.
  • Don’t apply this method when the battery is hot, wait until the battery gets back to a normal temperature.

Here is a complete Video demonstration of how to restore a car battery with Epsom Salt.

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