How to Reset Crankshaft Position Sensor without Scanner

To reset the crankshaft position sensor, not everyone will have a scan tool available. You may reset it without a scanner in one of two methods.

How to Reset Crankshaft Position Sensor without Scanner
Reset Crankshaft Sensor

Here is the Method of How to Reset Crankshaft Position Sensor without Scanner

Method 1

Acceleration and Deceleration Cycles

You will be accelerating and decelerating the car at specific rates in the first way of resetting the crankshaft position sensor without a scanner.

Here is a list of the method’s simple steps:

  • Turn off all of your car’s accessories.
  • Keep the coolant and air temperature sensors’ temperatures close to one another.
  • For at least two minutes, let the engine idle in the Neutral or Park position.
  • Drive at part throttle to an approximate speed of 55 mph.
  • As long as possible, maintain this speed to allow the engine to warm up to working temperature.
  • For a minute, reduce the speed to 45 mph.
  • Without using the brakes, go through the identical deceleration cycle four times for 25 seconds each.
  • In the 15 seconds between those deceleration cycles, return to 45 mph.
  • Drive for a few minutes at 55 mph after revving your engine once more.
  • Your car should be stopped and left to idle for a while.
  • Without a scanner, the crankshaft position sensor can be reset by carefully following all of these instructions. But you can look at the second option if you find the first too difficult.

Method 2

Disconnecting the Battery

It is true that unplugging the battery will reset the crankshaft sensor, as many people wonder. To drain the power from all the electrical components in your automobile, disconnect the negative terminal of the battery and leave it disconnected for at least an hour before reconnecting it.

This includes the ECU, which will also experience short-term memory loss. When you start your engine after the ECU has lost its memory, it will relearn the location of the crankshaft sensor. Although this procedure is simple, it may take some time for all of the electrical components to lose power.

If the sensor needed to be reset, both the no-start problem and the check engine light that may have come on after the crankshaft replacement should go away. You would have had difficulties starting the car, or it would at the very least stall, if the crankshaft position sensor was broken.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens if you don’t relearn crankshaft position?

Failing to relearn the crankshaft position sensor can lead to various problems such as engine failure to start, stalling of the engine, and rough engine operation. Additionally, incorrect signals transmitted by the ECU can result in more severe acceleration issues and further harm to the engine. find out more…

What to do after replacing crankshaft sensor?

Ensure that the crankshaft sensor replaced correctly and have to be relearn. Find it in detail…

How do you manually relearn a crankshaft position sensor?

Find it here…

How to Reset Camshaft Position Sensor without Scanner?

To reset the car’s computer and potentially clear camshaft position sensor error codes without a scanner:

  1. Disconnect the negative battery terminal for about 15-30 minutes.
  2. Reconnect the negative battery terminal.
  3. Drive the vehicle at a steady 55 mph with part throttle for 10 minutes to allow the ECM to relearn the camshaft position sensor.
  4. After driving, let the vehicle idle for a few minutes so the computer can make adjustments as needed.


If the camshaft position sensor issue persists after attempting these steps, it may be necessary to use an OBD-II scanner to properly reset or relearn the sensor, or there might be a need for professional mechanical assistance.

What scanner can relearn crankshaft position sensor?

With the vast array of OBD 2 scanners available in the market today, it can be difficult to choose the appropriate one for your car’s engine. However, fret not, as we will explore a few scanning tools that have the capability to relearn the crankshaft position sensor. Find it out the details..

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