Here’s How the Awesome Rivian R1T Camp Kitchen Works

When hunger strikes from the trail, head to the kitchen and make some eggs and bacon. It’s not a big deal if you’ve got the appropriate setup. The Rivian R1T electric truck conceals a useful feature in its self-contained outdoor Camp Kitchen, which is ideal for individuals who prefer to cook outside in the open air rather than in a cramped space. The set isn’t kept in the bed, and it’s not included with any futuristic Rivian bed-mounted camper. Rather, the Rivian Gear Tunnel Shuttle moves the Camp Kitchen out of the truck’s Gear Tunnel storage compartment like magic. Drop-down doors on either side of the bed, right behind the rear passenger doors, provide access to the Gear Tunnel, which is placed between the cab and the bed.

Here's How the Awesome Rivian R1T Camp Kitchen Works

Check out this video walkthrough with Rachel, the lead design engineer, to get the full picture of Rivian’s Camp Kitchen setup. The kitchen comprises of separate flip-up cooktop and sink modules that slide onto the Gear Tunnel Shuttle’s T-slot system to connect to the Gear Tunnel Shuttle (that’s the tray that glides in and out). The shuttle’s support legs keep the kitchen stable when it’s in operation. The Gear Tunnel Shuttle is made of 6063 aircraft-grade anodized aluminum and serves as a power source for the Camp Kitchen.

Here's How the Awesome Rivian R1T Camp Kitchen Works

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30-piece cookware set from Snow Peak, which includes a three-piece nonstick cook set, prep utensils, water kettle, stacking cups, tableware set, and more, is housed in drawers on the other side of the cooktop and sink area. For those who need a morning pick-me-up, there’s a coffee grinder and coffee drip, and there’s even a charcuterie board for home-away-from-home charcuterie-ing. The pieces all fit snugly into molded inserts in the drawers, ensuring that the valuable titanium objects aren’t jostled around.

Here's How the Awesome Rivian R1T Camp Kitchen Works

The sleek 1,440-watt two-burner induction cooktop looks great and delivers enough heat to make any meal or snack delicious. Its smooth Richlite surface makes cleanup a breeze. If you wish to save your counter space, the foldable sink comes with a cover. What good is a sink if it doesn’t have any water in it? Next to the sink is a spray faucet that is fed by a 4-gallon water tank.

Here's How the Awesome Rivian R1T Camp Kitchen Works

For a limited time, the Rivian Camp Kitchen x Snow Peak combo includes the Camp Kitchen, Rivian Gear Tunnel Shuttle, and Snow Peak Kitchen Set. The package costs $5,000 more than the Rivian R1T, which has led to some skepticism regarding its worth. The Camp Kitchen, on the other hand, isn’t a permanent fixture—totally it’s detachable, leaving the Gear Tunnel Shuttle free to attach any future Rivian attachments.

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