What are the Ford Dashboard Symbols and Meanings

What’s the light on your dashboard like? What follows is easily the most complete list of ford dashboard symbols and meanings available that can appear on the dashboard or instrument cluster of your car and on it.

You’re on the road, away from home, with your dashboard glowing with a warning light flash. Many drivers panic, a million questions going through their minds (naturally):

Will I need to pull over? Have I damaged my vehicle? I’m going to make it home? ”

Not all warning lights mean that your car has a serious, immediate issue. Each Ford instrument cluster is loaded, and not all are bad, with warning lights and alerts. Knowing what your dashboard is trying to tell you, the next time a warning light flips on might avoid a panic attack.

So First Start with Color means on each Ford dashboard Symbol?

Each warning light is a distinct feature of the system of the vehicle and is color-coded by urgency.

There are three colors represented on dashboard:

  • Green/blue
  • Yellow
  • Red
20219018 – a closeup on the dashboard of a modern car with many warning lights

Green/blue flashing on the ford dashboard indicates that the function is working properly.

A yellow flashing light indicates that there is a problem with that particular function and required attention, sometimes it requires immediate attention, but normally yellow flashing light alerts you about having an issue in your car so better to fix it as early as possible before it gets serious.

A red flashing light signifies that you require immediate care. If you see a red light, park your car and check the problem severity, and take it to a garage nearby, as soon as you can.

Here are the Ford Dashboard Symbols and Meanings

Ford Dashboard Symbols and MeaningsEngine Light: 

The Main engine light has two warning levels, one of the most fragile lights on a Ford.

For less serious issues (assuming the vehicle is operating normally), the light will stay on but remain steady.

There is a big problem if the light blinks, do not drive the vehicle. Have it towed to the nearest repair facility.

Reason for Engine light on:

  • Improperly closing the gas cap
  • Catalytic converter failure
  • Sensor issue

Ford Dashboard Symbols and MeaningsBrake Lights

When the system is engaged, the light turns on; have the vehicle serviced immediately if the light comes on while driving.


Check your brake fluid levels. Either your fluid is low, or there is a malfunction occurring in your brake system.

Ford Dashboard Symbols and MeaningsABS

When the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) light flips on, the normal braking system is working fine, but the ABS is malfunctioning. Unless the separate BRAKE warning system comes on, continue driving, but make an appointment today to get this fixed.

Ford Dashboard Symbols and MeaningsEngine Coolant

This light is triggered Coolant Dashboard Light only when the vehicle’s internal temperature is well beyond where it should be. Don’t switch off the engine immediately it will damage your engine chemistry formula 101 when you suddenly cool down from hot engine.

  • So better be to keep the engine on and cool down the engine,
  • First, pour water on the radiator without opening radiator cap
  • Refill coolant or water into the coolant side bottle
  • Fill the coolant or water into the radiator, once you see the gauge or light turn off, it indicates that the engine cools down to a normal level.

Charging System

If you’re driving while this light comes on, switch off all unnecessary electrical equipment that you may have running and get your vehicle checked by an authorized mechanic immediately.

Engine Oil Pressure

It means you need to stop immediately and switch the engine off. You either are low on oil (and driving will jeopardize the life of your car), or there is a serious malfunction within the system. Do not drive your vehicle until this situation is resolved.

Low Fuel

Get to a gas station soon!

Low Tire Pressure

This light indicates that your tire pressure is low. This symbol illuminates for a brief second when you turn the engine on to indicate that it’s functional. If it remains lit while your vehicle is running, check your tire pressure as soon as possible. If it begins to flash or does not illuminate when turning on your vehicle, have your system checked by a professional as soon as possible.

Stability Control

These are all Slip Indicator and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) or Fault Indicator symbols. When a vehicle detects slippery conditions, its stability or traction control system is activated. The light will flash, irregularly in some vehicles, indicating that the system is doing its work, helping to keep the vehicle in control.

If the same light remains lit or flashes for an extended period when starting your vehicle, it indicates a fault in the stability control system. The vehicle will operate normally, but without the advanced control system. You may continue driving but do so with caution, particularly in poor weather.

Ford Dashboard Symbols and MeaningsPower Steering

This is the Power Steering or Electronic Power Steering warning light or symbol. The exclamation point is used here, a common sight with newer warning lights, alongside the image of a steering wheel. Depending on the manufacturer, it may appear in red or yellow/amber.

If You don’t see ford dashboard symbols and meaning then here are below complete list.

Ford Dashboard Symbols and Meanings

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