Dodge Charger Sales Figures From 2016 To 2019

Dodge Charger Sales Figures in US from 2016 To 2019

According to Statistics of Dodge charger sales figures from 2012 the average yearly sales figure of dodge charger is 92,462.

These are Sales statistics of Dodge Charger sales including Scat pack.

Dodge Charger Sales Figures

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Dodge Charger Sales Figures


As you have seen that dodge sales goes 17.29 percent up from 2018 year, almost reach at a position of 2016 year of sales, however in 2019 all month sales came with the positive figures from corresponding previous year month of sales, except one month of March.

Therefore company decided not to do any big changes in their design instead stick with the same design with few extra options such as widebody in Dodge Scat Pack would produce more better results.


All sales figures data of 2016 to 2019 can be change from above data figures.

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