Car Engine types

Car Engine types:

Engine is the main element of automobile and without that any vehicle is useless, engine provide power to the vehicle to run the car from low to fast and vice versa, and it only be happened because of engine.

Inter combustion engine (I.C):

It is an engine in which combustion of fuel take place inside the engine. When the fuel burns inside the engine cylinder, it generates a high temperature and pressure. This high pressure force is exerted on the piston (A device which free to moves inside the cylinder and transmit the pressure force to crank by use of connecting rod), which used to rotate the wheels of vehicle. In these engines we can use only gases and high volatile fuel like petrol, diesel. These engines are generally used in automobile industries, generation of electric power etc

I.C engine widely use in automotive car therefore this engine is also called automotive or car engine.

Classification of Car Engine types:

Types of I.C Engine:

2 Strokes Engine:

2 Strokes engine usually have more power than 4 Stroke engine and it use in light vehicles such as scooter and cars in some countries.

How it works:

Single piston moves up and down one at a time inside cylinder to rotate crankshaft with one fuel burn.

4 Strokes Engine:

Double piston moves up and down one at a time inside cylinder to rotate crankshaft with one fuel burn. It usually have less torque than 2 stroke engine and more frequently use in cars, trucks and


Car Engine Types:

Straight or Inline engine:

This engine usually use in many cars specially with FF (Front Wheel drive)because the cost of making these engine is less than other V-type or boxer engines, In addition these engines requires less repair and maintenance, fuel efficiency of these engine are very high as compare to other engines.

As these engine are less powerful than other engine but it produce handsome hp for the driver to feel joy while driving.

V-Type Engine:


These engines are designed for fast cars and usually it comes with 4 to 12 cylinders which produce enormous energy for the car to run it very fast. However the technology uses in these entire v type engines are different from other manufacturers due to many reasons. (More efficient, quick acceleration, better performance and so on). But one thing is common and it is V shape Engine.

The famous produces of all top fast and medium fast cars using a V Type Engine, there is no alternate yet to be invented by the scientist to outperform the V Type Engine, therefore she is still the best for the cars among the car engine types.

Boxer Engine:


In 1896, Karl Benz invented the first internal combustion engine with it’s horizontally opposed pistons. This Boxer or Flat engine as it is known as a design with multiple pistons that all move in the horizontal plane. The most popular and significant layout has cylinders arranged in two banks on either side of a single crankshaft, generally known as “boxers.

Now these engine doesn’t really use by car manufactures due to carbon emission, more noise than other engine and more fuel burn than other cars. Therefore it almost becomes obsolete to some extent.

Diesel Engine:


These are the same Inline combustion engine and use piston up and down one at a time to move cylinder of single burn, only one difference from petrol engine is, it use compression to ignite the compressed fuel without using a spark plug for ignition.

More powerful than straight line petrol engine cars, 4*4 cars use diesel engines to make the best performance out of it.

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