Car care Tips For Rainy Season

Rainy season is here to stay for a while, but are we ready to make adaptations to avoid its negative impacts on our belongings? Rain eliminates our suffocation from a boredom routine and gives us a pleasant change in our mood. We see everything clean and refresh. Other than it causes some problems for us also. From those problems,one is it damages our expensive cars’ elegant appearance and produce dysfunctions in its parts.

There are some tips to avoid your car from any sort of damage during the monsoon season.

Here are the following Car care tips for rainy season:

  • Keep cars visibility tools clean

car care tips for rainy season

For a safe journey, keep your windshield, windows and headlights clean. Rain water carries minerals along with raindrops which do not go away with the drops of water. Therefore, even after rain, we experience blurred image of outside environment, it is due to those element which are adhesively clanged to the glass of windows, windshield and headlights. Clean these parts of your car as transparent as you can try.

How to clean fog from front glass shield?

  1. Use ac on and off on the glass 
  2. Use heat on and off on the glass

Either method is useful apply as users wants to.

  • Check power system of your car

carcare tips for rainy season

It is quite possible that rain water has damaged your battery and have caused your power system some damage. Therefore, before taking a drive, let your car check by a mechanic, to examine that if your car battery is working or it needs some kind of repairing. Car is lifeline for you also. Make it sure that battery is in good condition before driving.

To further know about battery go to Will Disconnecting Battery Reset Crankshaft Sensor – Guide

In additon check engine oil level, battery oil level and make sure the plugs inside the engine remain dry.

Front and back glass wiper should be check to ensure that they working properly or not  before go to drive.

  • Check your car Brakes

Another important in car care tips for rainy season is to check the car brakes, Most accidents occur to dysfunctionality in brakes. In rainy season, car brakes often get damaged due to loss of friction and decrease in thickness of discs. Try car brakes several times before going on a drive. Assure that brakes are working properly.

  • Avoid to drive on a wet road

car care tips for rainy season

It will be beneficial to have patience and delay your important tasks if possible. Water collected on roads can damage your car’s brakes, discs and headlights. These are all important tools and ensure safety of travelers sitting inside it. If brakes are working efficiently, still there chances of a car to slip away as wet roads will have minimal frictions to provide.

Car Care Tips In Hot Weather

  • Inflate the tires

car care tips for rainy season

Check your cars’ tires have sufficient amount of pressure as described in the cars’ manual. Cars are the only thing that covers the space between you and a road. Inflate your cars’ tires properly according to recommendations, to avoid swerving and accidents. 

  • Tightly fasten your seatbelt

car care tips for rainy season

If you are still determined to take ride in wetly season then take a risk with some precaution. Fasten your belt tight. In this way, you will be able to drive with confidence, in a risky ride. Change your cars’ belts, if they are worn out or loose enough.

  • Usage of old seats and mats

car care tips for rainy season

If you are extra careful about your car, then change fresh seats and mats with old ones. There are many chances that seats and mats will get dirty in heavy rains of monsoon. Save your best ones for a better time.

There is more in the car care tips for rainy season but all above ones are the most important to look at it before driving.

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