4 Precautions of How to Stay Safe While Pumping Gas

According to Number of studies and statistics suggest that on average that 77 to 80 percent of gas pumping handles are considered to be highly contaminated 11000x times more than washroom toilets, therefore we have to be very careful especially at a time of Covid-19 Pandemic.

Nonetheless, according to the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), there is still no evidence that any person has been infected with this form of transmission, such as contaminated food, door handles, pumping gas nobs, and so on, but we have to be very careful that it may happen, because very low-based studies and no definitive proof have been seen.

4 Precautions of How to Stay Safe While Pumping Gas

  1. Consider having some plastic nitrile or latex gloves in your car to use while taking the handle of the pump. Short of that, as you grasp the handle, you should try using paper towels that are often available at the pump, or bring some with you to protect your face.

  2. Invert the gloves and throw them away, and also any paper towels you might have used, or use medicated wipes to clean pumping handle first before touching down a handle.

  3. Use hand sanitizer to ensure that your hands are clean after you’ve done and before returning to your vehicle, or you can use alcohol based wipes instead of sanitizer.

  4. Avoid gathering if you see any person at a gas station, then leave the gap of at least 6 feetwith wear face mask as well, since you don’t know whether he/ she is infected with corona virus, or you might be as a asymptomatic carrier, so it’s best to isolate yourself.

    (however a recent research published in the federal agency’s Emerging Infectious Diseases journal) , The coronavirus can travel through the air at least 13 feet — more than twice as far as social distancing guidelines.

You disinfected your car before following these instructions, if not, then you must do so immediately to  ensure the health of your family as whole. Here are the products and hot spot areas which needed the most: Disinfect Your Vehicle Spots the Most Could Be Affected From Covid-19

4 Precautions of How to Stay Safe While Pumping Gas

However recent studies also suggest that asymptomatic infected against covid-19 may have a little change to transmit virus to other humans according to studies based upon the recent data of china by WHO, however it still under trail and the studies are too low to accept.


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