Mazda CX 9 Dashboard Symbols

Sometimes you can do everything correctly for your vehicle, yet when you start it up, the check engine light illuminates. Most people are acquainted with some of the more frequent Mazda CX 9 dashboard Symbols warning lights, such as the low fuel indication, but the list provided here includes even some that you may not be.

Mazda CX 9 Dashboard Symbols Warning Lights

On the dashboard of your Mazda vehicle, you may see two sorts of lights. Warning lights and indicator lights are two types of lighting. Indicator lights normally tell drivers that a certain function is operational, but warning lights frequently signify a more significant concern. Dashboard warning lights are either orange or red, as seen in the image below. The orange warning lights, for the most part, signal that there is a problem that should be addressed but does not demand immediate care. The red warning lights usually signify a far more serious problem that has to be addressed right away.


Here are a few warning symbols and their meaning for the users to understand exactly and act accordingly.

Check Engine Light

The check engine light, also known as the malfunction indicator bulb, indicates if your Mazda CX-9’s engine has a problem. This dashboard indicator is an orange emblem that resembles an automobile engine’s shape. This light may indicate that your automobile has a minor and readily repairable engine problem, such as a loose gas cap. It might, however, signal a more significant problem, such as a leak in your transmission fluid.

When you notice this light come on, the first thing you should do is tighten your gas cap. If the check engine light remains illuminated after a few miles of driving, it’s time to see a repair.

Mazda CX 9 Tire Pressure Monitoring System Warning Light

An orange exclamation point is encircled by a circle with a flat edge and many small vertical lines at the bottom of the tire pressure monitoring system warning light. This light indicates whether your Mazda CX-9’s tires have a problem. This problem might be small, such as your tires being cold from driving in the snow. It might, however, signal low tire pressure, which, if driven on for too long, can harm your automobile.

If this light comes on or flashes fast, inspect your tires for any punctures or other visible damage. If you’ve been driving in a chilly environment for a while, such as a residential garage, you might want to let your car warm up a little. If the tire pressure indicator remains on after following these methods, consider self-inflating your tires or taking your car to the shop.

Brake System Warning Light

A red exclamation point surrounded by a red circle and parentheses is the emblem for the braking system warning light. This indicator might just indicate that you need to release your parking brake. The braking system warning light, on the other hand, can occasionally signal more significant faults, such as worn-out brake pads or a malfunctioning anti-lock brake system.

First, ensure sure your parking brake is turned off when the braking system warning light appears. It’s time to take your automobile to the repair if your parking brake isn’t engaged.

Driver Attention Alert Warning Indication

Another feature that is only available on higher-end Mazda CX-9 models is the driver attention alert (DAA) warning light. It has an amber-colored emblem that depicts a little coffee cup. The DAA warning light’s purpose is to alert drivers when they are becoming fatigued and need to take a break from driving.

Based on data from its forward sensing camera (FSC) and other smart technology, your Mazda CX-9 illuminates this warning lightly. If the DAA detects that you’re straying into another lane, it may display on your dashboard. If you’re traveling at least 40 miles per hour in an area with road lanes, the DDA system will activate.

Mazda Radar Cruise Control with Stop and Go Function Warning Indication

Mazda’s Radar Cruise Control (MRCC), which comes standard on more modern Mazda CX-9 vehicles, includes a stop-and-go capability. The stop and go function’s primary objective is to maintain headway control, which means it can assist you to maintain or modify the distance between your automobile and the vehicle ahead of you. If the stop and go detects a change in the speed of the vehicle ahead of you, it will slow or stop your vehicle to keep a safe gap between you and the other driver.

A tiny speedometer is shown by the amber-colored warning light. This speedometer symbol has an automobile on the top left and a downward-facing arrow on the upper right. If this light illuminates, the automobile is just informing you that the feature is operational and may automatically modify your vehicle’s speed. The appearance of light on your dashboard might be alarming.

Lane-Keep Assist System and Lane Departure Warning System Warning Indication

The Mazda CX-9 has smart features such as lane-keep assist (LAS) and lane departure warning system (LDWS). The LAS and LDWS recognize the lines or markers of each road lane automatically. These devices will alert you if your car wanders too near to one side of the lane and you need to straighten it up. You can also get steering assistance from the LAS to help you keep yourself and other drivers safe.

Both the LAS and LDWS systems trigger the same dashboard warning light. This amber-colored emblem has an automobile icon inside two parallel lines. When it fails, the LAS and LDWS both display a warning message to let you know it has to be repaired.

Mazda CX 9 Dashboard Symbols Indicator Lights

Dashboard indicator lights show if a certain function is activated or not. White, blue, green, yellow, and red are the five hues available for these lights. Because indicator lights are merely indications and not warnings, their colors is not often connected with the severity of an issue, unlike warning lights. In the image below, the indicator lights you could see inside a Mazda vehicle are highlighted.

Mazda CX 9 Dashboard Symbols

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