Is the BMW M440i a Good Car?

Any redesign of an automobile icon is usually welcomed with a mix of excitement and dread since revisions usually bring a mix of welcome enhancements and less desirable modifications.

The BMW 4 Series, which has been redesigned for 2021, is a superb illustration of this. The compact car, which comes in coupe and convertible versions (as well as a resurrected Gran Coupe sedan for 2022), has increased somewhat, with greater power and several interiors and exterior improvements. Except for a wider, more prominent grille, the styling alterations are mostly evolutionary.

The new nose has received mixed reviews and has sparked a lot of debate in reviews and internet forums that can best be described as heated.

Is the BMW M440i a Good Car?

With the exception of the snout, we recently tested a 2021 BMW M440i convertible and found it to be a fun and exciting package. The M440i is powered by a turbocharged six-cylinder engine with a 48-volt mild-hybrid system, and it sits between the base four-cylinder 430i and the performance-oriented M4. The suspension in convertible vehicles is set for cruising rather than aggressive driving, which is ideal for the open-top vehicle.

While we loved our time with the new M440i, we believe there are some places where it could be better. To read Mike Hanley’s comprehensive review of the BMW M440i convertible on, click on the link above. Continue reading for a short look at what works and what doesn’t. Here are four things we appreciate about the BMW M440i convertible, as well as three things we don’t:

Lets Find out Is the BMW M440i a Good Car?

Things We Like

Is the BMW M440i a Good Car?

1. Smooth, Powerful Turbocharged Six

The M440i is powered by a six-cylinder engine in the BMW tradition. This is a turbocharged 3.0-litre unit with 382-horsepower and a 48-volt mild-hybrid system intended to improve acceleration and fuel economy. The combination is smooth and rapid across the powerband, with ample of low-end oomph and reserve power for passing when paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission. The EPA estimates combined fuel economy at 26 mpg, which isn’t bad for a powerplant with this much punch.

2. Ride Combines Performance and Comfort 

Our test car found a good balance between cornering ability and ride comfort with the optional adaptive M suspension. Even with optional 19-inch wheels and summer performance rubber, the suspension in Comfort mode absorbed road irregularities with ease. Sport and Sport Plus modes tighten the suspension, steering, and transmission response for more aggressive driving.

3. Improved Convertible Top 

The old 4 Series convertible had a retractable steel roof, but now it has a cloth convertible top. According to BMW, the adjustment results in a weight savings of around 40%, resulting in a lower centre of gravity. Due to its more compact design, it also provides a small improvement in trunk capacity. During our testing, the smooth, quiet operation of the top took roughly 20 seconds to go up or down.

4. Easy-to-Use iDrive

The M440i comes standard with BMW’s iDrive multimedia system, which we found to be simple to use with well-organized menus. Either the regular 8.8-inch or optional 10.25-inch centre displays can be used as touchscreens, allowing you to make decisions on the fly by tapping the screen or using the console-mounted rotary knob.

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Things We Don’t Like

Is the BMW M440i a Good Car?

1. Interior Glitches 

The M440i’s interior materials offer a high-quality look and feel, and the controls are sensibly laid out and simple to operate. However, this makes even tiny problems stand out even more. Although the matte-finish wood trim on the centre console is genuine, it has the appearance of plastic. Furthermore, the drive-mode selection controls are hidden below the shifter, making it difficult to utilise them without moving your gaze away from the road.

2. Touchy Brake Pedal 

Our test M440i had plenty of stopping power thanks to its four-piston front callipers, single-piston rear callipers, and vented discs all around. However, despite their excellent performance, the brakes were squeaky and resulted in some less-than-smooth stops.

3. Ambitious Pricing 

BMWs aren’t inexpensive, and the M440i we tested was no exception. The starting price of $64,995 (plus $995 destination charge) places it between the competitive Audi A5 cabriolet and the Mercedes-AMG C43, which both start at $61,645 and $66,550, respectively. However, all-wheel drive is standard on both of those convertibles, although it is an additional cost on the M440i. Our test car, at $75,000, was a bit costly, even without BMW’s available hands-free lane centering, which would have cost an extra $1,700.

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