Turn Your IPhone into a Professional Dashcam by Using DUBL Drive APP

A sharp looking app has landed for iPhone that turns it into a dash cam with smart features like automatic recording based on heavy braking or impact, Apple Maps integration, and simultaneous front and rear facing camera recording for iPhone 11 and XS.

The ability to simultaneously record from your iPhone’s front and rear cameras arrived last fall with iOS 13. Better yet, Apple made the functionality work with not just the iPhone 11 lineup but the iPhone XS too.

Turn Your IPhone into a Professional Dashcam by Using DUBL Drive APP

DUBL launched its first app last fall to take advantage of the new iPhone capabilities and now the company is taking things further with DUBL Drive, turning your iPhone into a smart two-way dash cam.

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The new DUBL DriveTM app is a first‐of‐its‐kind, two‐way dash camera that captures simultaneous video out of the front and rear cameras of your iPhone XS and iPhone 11. Think NEST/RING for your car. Recording can be activated manually or based on the occurrence of a “event”—for example, getting rear ended. Event‐based recording leverages iPhone accelerometer technology and g‐force thresholds characteristic of a typical accident of collision to trigger recording. Alternatively, users can manually activate recording for the entirety of a ride.

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DUBL Drive also features Apple Maps integration for directions and speed.

There are a variety of neat applications for DUBL Drive like Uber and Lyft drivers, parents wanting to keep a closer eye on young drivers, recording POV footage for activities like biking, skiing, etc., and those wanting to try out a dash cam without investing in dedicated hardware.

DUBL Drive is a free download for iPhone with a 7-day free trial. After that, subscription plans run $2/month or $15/year.

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