These Car Modifications Are Illegal In The US

Here Are The List of These Car Modifications Are Illegal In The US

Light Rig On The Roof Of A Truck

Many truck owners like to imagine that their trucks are used for travels considerably more difficult than the school run or the morning commute. We’ve all seen truck drivers spend as much money on their pride and joy as any Fast and Furious-style street racer.

A light rig on the roof is a firm favorite among truck owners, as it provides extra brilliant illumination for those late-night off-roading excursions. It’s worth noting that the use or even installation of such lighting systems is restricted in some states. North Carolina, for example, passed a law in 2017 forbidding the use of these devices on state roadways because they can distract and even blind other road users.

Neon Lights

Neon lights put beneath automobiles are another common alteration that appears frequently in the Fast and Furious flicks. While this may seem good, it has no bearing on the vehicle’s performance, so why would any state have an issue with a little additional weird lighting?

In reality, the extra lights can be a source of distraction for both you and other drivers. Only amber or white lights on the side of the car are permitted in Arizona. Flashing lights are not permitted in Kansas. Neon lights are likewise restricted in Michigan, with red and blue lights being outright prohibited. Maybe it’s because they seem like the lights on a police car to other drivers?!

Lifted Suspension

Changing your car’s suspension, whether by increasing or lowering the distance between your car’s bodywork and the road, is one of the most popular adjustments. Lifting the suspension of a truck is a popular choice among truck owners, but it can make the truck difficult to maneuver and potentially dangerous on the road.

If you wish to boost your suspension or drive through another state with a high suspension that is legal at home, be sure you know the local restrictions first. In Connecticut, for example, vehicle owners can only raise their suspension by four inches, whereas in Georgia, the maximum increase in ground clearance is two inches.

Very Low Suspension

Some automobile owners wish to lower their vehicle’s suspension to improve its appearance and handling, as well as reduce drag so that they may go faster. There are some risks connected with a lower suspension, such as the possibility of a car being destroyed by the first speed bump encountered, and some jurisdictions set regulations on how low a vehicle’s suspension can be.

The two-inch rule also applies to lowered suspensions in Georgia, whereas in New Hampshire, no portion of the vehicle’s bodywork or chassis can be lowered below the lowest point of the wheels. But I’m not sure why anyone would desire portions of the car below the wheels.

Reset Maintenance Light Toyota Camry 2014 Push Button Start

Plate Frames

Many people like to customize their vehicles in some way to represent their personal style and even personality. This might range from a fresh paint job in your favorite color to something as easy as putting a bumper sticker on your car to let other drivers know how proud you are of your children or how you voted in the previous election.

You may also purchase beautiful license plate frames to go around your plate. You’d do this to show off your Disney or Star Wars fandom, for example. I mean, who could argue with that? Most states allow these frames as long as they don’t obscure the state of origin or the license plate number, however, North Carolina has outlawed plate frames for automobiles registered in the state.

Rolling Coal

If the Environmental Protection Agency prohibits car owners from removing emissions control devices from their vehicles, you can bet the EPA will frown on the phenomena known as rolling coal. This is a modification performed by diesel car owners in which more gasoline is injected into the engine than is required, resulting in massive, rolling black clouds being ejected from the exhaust.

It may appear spectacular, but it is not environmentally friendly! The EPA has declared the practice illegal, and states such as Illinois, New Jersey, Colorado, and Maryland have enacted legislation prohibiting the modification and imposing fines on anyone caught on the road blowing black diesel smoke from their vehicles.

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