Top Summer Car Maintenance Checklist For Cars

Around the world many countries have summer season where temperature goes up to 52 Celsius degree, a vehicle on road in that temperature can easily create problem with the engine, A/C and other mechanical faults, if the car doesn’t have a proper maintenance check before starts a summer season.

List of Summer Car Maintenance Checklist:


Engine Oil and oil filter is the essential and most important component of the car that has to be check regularly especially in hot climate condition.

Old cars should have to use high grade oil in the engine in hot weather to make the engine perform better and prevent from any oil to burn, New cars or vehicles use the same oil as they are already using, but required to take less time to change the oil.

Inspect from car mechanics:

  • Must inspect A/C and Timing belt after a while particularly in hot season, these belt can rupture easily from high temperature if they are old.
  • Inspect car brakes, however a driver can also observe himself about the condition of the brakes and take appropriate action according to the situation.
  • Inspect brake, steering, automatic transmission and gear fluid level is at maximum level.
  • Fill the cool water in the radiator as called coolants especially designed to maintain engine to not getting hot in summer season if the cooling system works properly.
  • Inspect radiator and A/C fan are working properly, in home you can check by turning on the engine and A/C and wait until the temperature gauge reach to the middle level where most of the cars A/c and radiator fan set to work automatically.
  • Normally a radiator doesn’t reduce water in both season, but if the water is gradually reducing then you should have to inspect your radiator immediately from expert.

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  • Service must be required in every season especially in dusty and sand terrain areas.
  • Inspect weather the a/c gas is at a full level. Air conditions only work efficiently when the a/c gas is at a recommended level.( Low level of a/c gas also effects on the engine)


  • In hot weather liquid batteries consumer more power than in cold weather, unhealthy battery can cause problem in hot season while driving.

How to check battery heath?

  • A simple tool available as called hydrometer which checks the battery current gravity. Less gravity means battery cells are weak and unable to sustain in the long run, therefore replacement of battery would be a good idea.
  • In summer weather as said battery consume more power therefore require frequent inspection of the water in the battery is at maximum level, if not then must fill the level as recommended, In case of emergency a better replacement would be a filtered water.
  • Dry batteries need no inspection such as to fill water, but they are more vulnerable to hot weather than the cold ones.

Inspect Hoses For Cracks

  • Again, as long as you are under the hood with a critical eye, go ahead and look over all of the hoses to make sure there aren’t any cracks in them.

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Other Summer Car Maintenance Checklist:

Tires condition & Pressure: Tires replacement if the tread depth is less than 1.6mm.

Check air filter: It should be replaced every 8,000 miles to ensure optimal performance.

Check engine oil level every 1200 miles by using a dipstick inside the engine, pull out the stick clean it and put it back, again withdraw the stick and check the level of the oil on the stick close to the tip a lines indicating an ideal level of oil.


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