Hyundai First Release Trailer of New Suv Kona

Hyundai First Release Trailer of New Suv Kona: Hyundai release a trailer of a Kona model that does make an impact on to the buyer in the UK and to Hyundai lovers, From this video it seems that new Kona looks more elegant and Sharpe angles in addition front Cascading Grille’ that is a new company signature, featuring on all-new cars such as the new i30.

From this release video Hyundai didn’t provide interior and rears pictures due to some secrecy for summer official launch date, but from certain resources disclose about the information of interior in which new 8 inch smart screen with parking assistance, daytime running lights with led standard headlight, heads up display screen which displays navigation and speed.

In addition this new vehicle can be available on four wheel option which enhances the power distribution efficiently to all wheels.

It allows the car to get more road grip, quick acceleration and better handling and that would be an added advantage to this model previously Kona only available in 2 wheel drive option.

Here is a short video of Hyundai First Release Trailer Of New Suv Kona:

As world now goes more to hybrid and electric cars due to high prices of fuel therefore Hyundai consider this seriously and embedded more advanced technology in to the engine which comes with more hp and torque with a technology of more economical from a previous model.

Other expected features: contrasting color wheel arches which wrap around to the front of the car housing the headlights.

According to the Hyundai the design of this vehicle will be a new look of the Kona identity.

Further information about the All-New Hyundai KONA will be released in the near future, with the official unveiling scheduled for the summer of 2017.

Launch date are still unconfirmed but from this trailer it seems that this model will soon be launch at a registered date.

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