How to Unlock Car Doors without a Key

Try these brilliant tips the next time you lock your keys in your car.

It’s never enjoyable to realize you’ve locked your keys in your car, especially if you’re late. Fortunately, driving a recent car makes it much harder for you to do this. However, these tips will be useful if you find yourself outside your locked car with your keys still in the cup holder.

Learn how to open a car door without your keys using one of these techniques before sending out the SOS text that reads, “Lost keys in the car.”

Here Are the Ways How to Unlock Car Doors without a Key

  1. Get A Spare Key.
  2. Car App
  3. Car Door Wedge
  4. Apply String
  5. Use a Wire Clothes Hanger
  6. Antenna
  7. Calling the Locksmith

Get A Spare Key

Your car dealer probably provided you with a set of car keys when you bought a new car from them. If you’re at home and this sounds similar, you might want to look for that spare first.

Car App

Nowadays, a number of manufacturers have apps that assist you in entering your vehicle. If you operate a contemporary I hope you will like seeing this excellent video on how to hack your car if you are a techie guy. the app can function as a remote key fob, guide you in finding the vehicle, and activate the alarm. The app can also start the motor if it has a remote start feature.

This option is provided by other manufacturers besides GM. With Hyundai, Nissan, Toyota, Subaru, and many other brands, you can also use an app. unfortunately, in most cases you should have set up this function before you needed it.

Car Door Wedge

Here is another option for you to think about. Look for a thin object that can serve as a wedge. Pull the top of the door frame slightly apart using a pry tool before inserting your wedge. Due to the popularity of inflatable wedge kits as auto-entry tools, some people decide to keep one at home. The door frame will remain open thanks to this.

With the sturdy items indicated below, you can more easily reach the lock from this position. This extra step, whether you use a coat hanger, windscreen wiper, or antenna, makes it simple to access the area but will take a little longer of your time. Add this step in and see if it helps if the original procedures aren’t working for you to open the lock.

Apply String

When you have to send the dreaded “locked keys in car” SMS in the future, keep this advice in mind: Never pay for a locksmith again if you always keep a roll of string on hand. You can learn how to open a car door without your keys in the video down below.

Simply create a loop the size of your index finger at the end of the string by tying a slip knot as demonstrated in the video. Then, wiggle the looped thread into the driver’s window’s upper right corner. Now, while holding the thread in both hands, carefully move it back and forth (as if flossing a huge tooth). By doing this, the string will move down the window and in the direction of the inside lock.

This is when things might become challenging. Place the loop over the lock with caution, pulling the ends of the string to tighten the loop as you do so. To open the car door, carefully pull up on the lock once you believe you have a firm grip on it. VoilĂ . You’re back in action and driving again.

You Can Use A Wire Clothes Hanger To Unlock It.

Hollywood makes this technique look simple, but trust us, it’s not. However, if your car has a power lock/unlock button, you can use a wire hanger to get in. Once you’ve straightened up your hanger, place it into the seal on the door frame above the unlock button and give it a little wiggle time to slide in. Point it in the direction of the button to unlock the door.


Antennas are still present in some vintage vehicles. As a bonus, this component can be useful. Taking the antenna off the car is as easy as taking the hook off a garment.

Work the antenna through the opening in the car’s weather seal. The door lock will be reached after some shuffling. There could be some jiggling involved if the lock is manual. A power lock’s button should be easy to press if for no other reason.

Calling the Locksmith

Lock picking with a shoestring, wire hanger or wedges will only get you so far; eventually, you’ll have to contact a locksmith. The assistance of a service provider is another viable alternative; companies like AAA carry lockout tool kits. The drawback is you’ll have to pay someone to unlock your vehicle for you.


  1. Spare key: Some cars come with a spare key that can be used to open the doors. Check your owner’s manual or check with your car dealership to see if your car has a spare key.
  2. Owner’s manual: Your car’s owner’s manual may have information on how to unlock the doors if you are locked out.
  3. Screwdriver: A flat-head screwdriver can be used to try and open the door if you can find the lock mechanism.
  4. Hanger wire: A thin and long wire can be used to try and push the lock button to open the door.
  5. Cellphone: You can call a friend or a locksmith to come and open the door for you if you have a dead battery in your car keys.

Note: It is important to be careful when trying to unlock your car door as you could cause damage to the lock or the door itself. If you cannot find any of the above tools, it is best to call a locksmith to help you open the door.

I hope you will like seeing this excellent video on how to hack your car to unlock the door if you are a techie guy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is It Possible To Unlock A Car Door With A Slim Jim?

Yes, a slim jim can be used to unlock a car door by sliding it between the window and the weather stripping and using it to manipulate the lock mechanism. This method is typically only used by professional locksmiths and may not work on all types of locks.

Can I Call A Locksmith To Unlock My Car Door Without A Key?

Yes, a locksmith can unlock your car door without a key by using specialized tools and techniques. This is typically a faster and more reliable option than trying to unlock the door yourself.

Does My Car Need To Be Unlocked With A Key If It Has A Remote Unlocking Feature?

No, if your car has a remote unlocking feature, you can use the remote to unlock the doors without using a physical key. This feature is typically available on newer cars and can be a convenient option if you don’t have your key on hand.

Can I use a lockout tool to unlock my car door without a key?

Yes, a lockout tool can be used to unlock a car door without a key by inserting it into the lock mechanism and turning it to unlock the door. This method is typically used by professional locksmiths and may not work on all types of locks.

Will using a foreign object such as a coat hanger or slim jim damage my car’s lock?

Using foreign objects such as a coat hanger or slim jim to unlock a car door can potentially damage the lock. It is not recommended to use these methods unless you are a trained professional and are sure that it will not damage your lock.

Can I Use A Universal Key To Unlock My Car Door?

Some universal keys are designed to work with a variety of different car models and can potentially unlock your car door. However, it is important to note that not all universal keys will work with every car and it is best to consult with a professional locksmith to determine if this option is viable for your specific car.

Is There A Way To Unlock A Car Door With A Dead Battery In The Key Fob?

If your key fob has a dead battery, you may still be able to unlock your car door by using the physical key that is typically hidden inside the fob. If you are unable to locate the physical key or it is not available, calling a locksmith or using a remote unlocking service can be a good alternative.

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