How to Fix Car Burning Oil

Before to start of how to fix car burning oil, first let me clear about the difference between vehicle burning oil and engine oil at low level with white smoke doesn’t belong to the same problem. They have to be death differently, however some commonalities are in them, but couldn’t fix these issues with the same method.

Problem of Engine oil at low level occurred from many reasons:

  • Using a low grade (thin viscosity oil) instead thick viscosity oil.
  • Overall engine health is poor (Frequent white smoke from exhaust pipe).
  • Foist engine oil (immediately replace the oil with new one).
  • Head gasket leakage (can be happen in both issues).
  • Oil chamber leakage.
  • Worn Valve Guides. (Frequent white smoke from exhaust pipe).
  • Bad Valve Seals. (Frequent white smoke from exhaust pipe).
  • Pressurized Oil Pan.
  • Worn Piston Rings. (Frequent white smoke from exhaust pipe).

And many others which you can find it out by reading this article. How to Take Care of Your Car Engine Maintenance Tips

A person first needs to diagnose as whether his vehicle is burning oil or just reducing engine oil level.

How to diagnose vehicle is burning engine oil?

  • Engine overheating is the main cause of burning engine oil.
  • In addition the engine level of your oil level starts dropping including the thickness (viscosity), it becomes nil in the oil, you can feel roughness while you rubbing the oil with your fingers.
  • Overheating only happened when there is a problem inside the bonnet, which the car mechanic has to diagnose the source of the issue.

How to know my car engine is at a high temperature?

  • Normal engine temperature remains at a level of 82 degree, more than 82 degree impacts a lot on to the engine including burning engine oil.
  • Gauge or engine check light alarmed, when temperature crossed at a threshold level.

Other signs without engine light and gauge error.

  • Engine noise changed
  • A/C suddenly stops working.

Common source of Engine heating.

  • Malfunctioning of Thermostat wall (Jam) is the most common reason.
  • Radiator or A/c fan are not working properly.
  • Air conditioner of the car taking high ampere causes too much burden on the engine to handle. (A/C compressor, Low gas issues).

Steps of how to fix car burning oil:

  • Thermostat wall has to replace to fix that issues
  • Check the auto Fan function is working normally simple by turning on the car and wait till the gauge of the car at a middle level. If the fan is not working then to consult with the expert such as an electrician or mechanic to fix that issue.
  • Need special tools and techniques for finding A/C high ampere issues, so better to consult with the expert in this profession.

These are the common issues and steps of how to fix car burning oil.

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Careful measures in case of engine is overheating while on the road.

  • First step is to turn off the A/C.
  • Doesn’t turn off the engine, open the bonnet, find water and filled with water into the extra radiator bottle.
  • Doesn’t open the radiator cap not in any case while engine is overheated, Simply pouring water all over the radiator until the car temperature gauge or engine check light shows a normal level.
  • All these measures could give you an extra time to reach you a safe place or to the mechanic workshop for repair.
  • Those who have insurance against their car, call for immediate help.
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