Future Cars: 2024 Porsche Macan EV Expands Stuttgart’s Electric Lineup


The second-generation Macan compact SUV will be a fully electric car, joining Porsche’s growing EV portfolio with the Taycan.


For years, the Macan has been Porsche’s best-selling vehicle, so any big changes to the two-row SUV will almost certainly have a significant impact on the company. After all, the exhilarating performance of Porsche automobiles is key to the brand’s identity and appeal. Since its introduction in 2014, the Macan has been praised for its exceptional driving dynamics. Switching to a fully electric platform, which comes with the added weight that such gear entails, is almost guaranteed to change the entire driving experience of the Macan.


The Macan EV will have no resemblance to its gasoline-powered sibling. It will be built on the company’s new Premium Platform Electric (PPE) chassis architecture, which will be used not just for its own vehicles but also for all future Audi and Bentley electric vehicles. This platform is distinct from the Scalable System Platform (SSP) created for the Volkswagen Group as a whole. The Macan EV will be able to use 350-kW fast chargers because PPE contains 800-volt technology.

We expect the SUV to be available in a variety of battery sizes around the world, similar to how Porsche did with the Taycan, albeit given the United States’ concern with a driving range and on-paper performance, we expect only the largest battery standard to be available. Porsche has stated that the Macan will have a longer range than the Taycan’s current 227 miles. The electric Macan is expected to borrow a number of essential elements from its lower-slung Taycan sibling, regardless of what supplies electricity to its drive motor or motors (we assume the SUV will offer single-motor rear-wheel-drive and two- and even three-motor all-wheel-drive choices). The two will almost probably share a basic design language, in addition to the 800-volt architecture.

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Internal combustion engine Porsche wants for the new EV and the current model to overlap on sales floors for an indefinite period of time, Macan devotees. In other words, the original version will continue to be sold as long as there is sufficient demand (and regulations) to justify it. Interestingly, we’ve heard rumors that the electric Macan will be given a new name to avoid customer confusion created by multiple vehicles with the same brand in dealerships.


US $58,000

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