Fuel Consumption Calculator by Car

If you know the exact amount of fuel consumption of your car then it would be a lot easier for anyone to make a pre plan of the approximate amount of fuel used by a car, it also helps when taking out a separate budget for a car, therefore some techniques and methods are available to be able to make it easier for you.

How to calculate fuel consumption by car?

Now a day’s most of the cars from small to sedan, low to high end have a standard fuel consumption meter in the dashboard where you can check real time consumption of fuel, but not the exact as per your throttle speed variation, distance and engine health and if you know the 100 percent of your car fuel consumption then old traditional methods are available where you can check it and match it with the on board fuel consumption meter to know the accuracy, in addition old traditional methods also useful for all vehicles regardless of on board fuel consumption alert system.

Traditional method of fuel consumption Calculator by Car:

To do the test as per traditional method then follow steps as listed below.


  • Fill the fuel Tank as per car stated liters capacity.
  • Write down the meter reading before start drive
  • Drive your car according to your daily routine work to know the exact amount of fuel used by a car, drive your car for 2 or three days before filling car fuel tank again.
  • Now you can check the exact mileage by refilling the liters as per stated liters capacity by a simple calculation as explained below.

Formula to Calculate Fuel Consumption:


Number of total mileage covered at a point of refiling again (Mileage written down previous – mileage drove at a point of filling fuel tank = Total Mileage covered) divided by Number of total liters consumed can be taken by refiling a fuel tank (Number of required liters to fill the fuel tank again is the number of Total liters consumed).


Number of covered mileage ÷ Number of liters used = Average Fuel per Liter



Number of Liters Used × Cost Per dollar of Liter or Gallon = Total amount of Fuel Cost ÷ Number of total mileage covered = Average Liter per Cost

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Car consumption on highway is different than the city, so don’t mix highway fuel average with the city fuel average, generally in city the car consume more fuel than on highway.

Additional Note:

There are quite a few factors which impact on car fuel average such as the amount of weight carry by a vehicle, Environment hot or cold, engine condition, Tires Pressure, Rpm of a car and some others factors which can affect in to the fuel consumption of a car, but that would be too far, if that matters to be considered in real life, people wouldn’t bothered to pay attention on all these matters, therefore better to be more practical rather than going to be prefect.