Recommended Best Car Security System 2017-18

There is a list of best car security system: There is so many devices available in the market from high price to low price and from best to best products and from low to low products for the car security system.

Best Car security system includes all devices that helps the vehicle owner to protect from unwanted situation  like being stolen, or being damage.

Around the world these below devices are the most reliable in the world however the name of the product or the company might vary but the function of these device do exactly the same.

Alarm system for cars:

 There is many alarm system for cars available in the market, prices starts from low and end at high therefore we will discuss in detail in a seperate article about best car alarm security system available in the market, however the basic function of car alarm is to protect the car by installing a electronic device to discourge or distract the thieve from unusual activity and alert the owner via sirun.


This device is a lot cheaper than most of the other devices in addition it provides a fair amount of safety and protection from being stolen. Immobilizer is an electronic security device fitted to an automobile that prevents the engine from running unless the correct key (or other token) is present. This prevents the car from being “hot wired” after entry has been achieved and thus reduces motor vehicle theft.

How it works: Immobilizer disable one of the car system which is necessary to start a car engine usually the fuel supply pump or the ignition. Immobilizer has a RF (Radio Frequency) identification reader device fits into the steering column to read the key transponder before to start the engine.

Gps tracker

There is so many Gps tracking devices for cars that can be used for various reason such as to protect from theft, to know the car location at anytime wants to know , other benefits include some trackers have a shut off engine features and can be done by any time at any location in addition some companies providing Gps tracker services to the users to watch 24/7, Lojack is an example of providing extra ordinary servicers to the users of this device.

Handle lock

Most relaible selling product when it first introduced in the market, very cheap, effective and easy to understand about how to use it, however it can provide a protection from being stolen but to some extent such as thieves can take other thing apart from taking whole car such as infotainment system etc.

Handbrake lock

There is another device which is very similar to handle lock, handbrake lock with gears is the only difference between them and incase of any situation the thieves cannot take the car in a easy way but to keep in mind that both above mentioned product are the most selling in most of the region but they are not as effective as other devices are available in the market they provide more safety not only just for stealing the car but to protect the car from other emergency situations.


Clamp is another device that listed in the best car security system this product is use by most of the police or motor vehicle authority to jam the car if they believe the car is out of road insurance or the tires having come up to the standard to meet it etc, but apart from these authorities normal people use these clamp to protect from theft, the tendency of using these clamp typically of those people haven’t any garage and need to car their park on the road.



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