2023 Subaru Ascent Gains a New Mug and Improved Driver Assists

  • The Subaru Ascent will get a redesign in 2023, with a new grille design and updated lighting.
  • An 11.6-inch touchscreen with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is now standard on the three-row SUV.
  • Subaru also adds a new automated evasive steering option to its EyeSight driver-assistance system.
2023 Subaru Ascent Gains a New Mug and Improved Driver Assists

The Subaru Ascent competes in the competitive mid-size crossover and SUV sectors. As a result, Subaru is giving the three-row ute a slew of changes for the 2023 model year, all of which are targeted at retaining its competitiveness and aesthetics.

The curb appeal has been revitalized thanks to a new cup design. The grille has been redesigned with a more pronounced design, the headlamps have been reshaped for a more forceful look, and the front bumper has been changed to accommodate air ducts that Subaru claims increase the SUV’s aerodynamics. Taillights in the back are now formed like the letter C.

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Although the Ascent’s updated aesthetic aspects help set it apart from previous model years, the addition of infotainment systems and improved driver-assistance technologies are likely the most significant upgrades. The previously standard 6.5-inch and optional 8.0-inch displays have been replaced with a vertically oriented 11.6-inch touchscreen that comes standard on every Ascent. Although the new interface replaces most of the traditional switchgear with touch features, it also includes wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

2023 Subaru Ascent Gains a New Mug and Improved Driver Assists

Subaru has always included a long list of driver assistance features in the Ascent. The 2023 models, on the other hand, have a better lineup thanks to the incorporation of the company’s latest technology, called EyeSight. Existing functions like as adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist have been improved to operate more smoothly and under a wider range of conditions, according to the company. New control software, a broader field of view for the camera system, and the inclusion of an electric brake booster, according to Subaru, are responsible for this.

Subaru claims that with the improved driver assistance, the Ascent will be able to spot cyclists and pedestrians at lower speeds sooner, notifying the driver and stopping if necessary. Similarly, vehicles with blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic warning benefit from the addition of Automatic Emergency Steering, which Subaru claims will help steer the Ascent away from a collision at speeds under 50 mph.

2023 Subaru Ascent Gains a New Mug and Improved Driver Assists

Other changes to the Ascent lineup include an optional 360-degree camera system (previously only a 180-degree view was available) and a feature called Cabin Connect, which is essentially a PA system that allows front-seat passengers to amplify their voices to third-row occupants via speakers in the back row. Green contrast stitching, a newly standard panoramic sunroof, and additional drive modes with hill-descent control are all included in the black-trimmed Onyx Edition. The latter is now standard on the Limited and Touring trim levels as well.

Subaru hasn’t announced the price for the 2023 Ascent family, which ranged from $33,970 for the base model to $46,570 for the Touring variant last year. Prices for the new model year are expected to be published before they arrive in dealerships this fall.

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